The Lacanian Review: Issue 4: Family dramas, family traumas / ספרות מקצועית


המלאי אזל

The Lacanian Review (TLR), Hurly-Burly is published by the New Lacanian School (NLS) and World Association of Psychoanalysis (WAP).

Spring 2017

The 4th issue of The Lacanian Review is about to come out. Once more we have chosen a theme of the utmost importance for our present: Family Dramas, Family Traumas.

It contains fundamental texts for the orientation of clinical practice with children and adolescents by Lacan, Jacques-Alain Miller and many other psychoanalysts. We have also interviewed lawyers and sociologists. What’s the family today from the perspective of their respective disciplines?

Family! This is where it all starts for everyone: the place of dramas and traumas, to be repeated and transformed into destinies or drifts.

On the one hand, the decoupling of reproduction from the apparent naturality of heterosexuality by science has produced a profound re-ordering of the Freudian family and the paternal reference that it was premised upon. On the other, the effects of capitalism have also impacted self-representations and the kind of objects that condense jouissance within a family: what are babies for today’s parents?


7          Marie-Hélène Brousse, Family Games


Growing Pains

13       Jacques Lacan, Note on the Child

15        Daniel Roy, Introduction to “Note on the Child”

17       Véronique Eydoux, Destiny of the Emblem of the Intrusion Complex

23       Jacques-Alain Miller, In the Direction of Adolescence

34       Jacques-Alain Miller, Violent Children

43       Philippe Lacadée, How Do We Understand the Phenomena of Violence in Young People?

56       Anne Edan, “We do not Choose our Family” Some Orientations for Plural Practice in an Institution

     The Dialogue

61       Eva Illouz, The Dialogue: “Family Investments”

   New Knottings of Kith and Kin

73       Jacques-Alain Miller, Affairs of the Family in the Unconscious

78       Laura Sokolowsky, Freud, His Daughter, and the Other Woman

81       Christel Simler, Delphine Porcheron and Eugenia Caracciolo di Torella, What’s a Family in the Eyes of the Law?

98       Cyrus Saint Amand Poliakoff, Surrogate Mother(!)

101    François Ansermet, An Observatory Looking Out onto the Future of the Family

  New Publications in Our Field

105      François Ansermet, The Art of Making Children

108     Stijn Vanheule, A Lacanian Response to Issues in Psychiatric Diagnosis: An Interview with Stijn Vanheule

      Archive: Guattari on Dolto

113     Gary Genosko, Introduction to Félix Guattari, A Game of Scrabble with Lacan

117      Laura Sokolowsky, “You Do What I Theorise”

118     Félix Guattari, A Game of Scrabble with Lacan


124     Chantal Bonneau, The AMS: Partner-Symptom?

128     Dalia Arpin, Analytic Wings and Social Feet


132     Caroline Doucet, The Recipe – 134 Fabian Fajnwaks, The Meanders of Jouissance – 136 Hélène Guilbaud, Losing a Child – 137 Jérôme Lecaux, Hatred Does Not Dissolve – 139 Dalila Arpin, A Slip of the Signature – 141 Laurent Dupont, Dream and Interpretation – An Experience in Solitude – 143 Dominique Holvoet, Explicit Signs of the End of an Analysis – 146 Daniel Pasqualin, Love and Mammography … Tracking Shot – 147 Véronique Voruz, “Shallow Tongue” – 149 Éric Laurent, The Outside Meaning: Between Sublimation and Corporisation


156     Philippe Carpentier, The Weight of Words – “Berck”

160     Angelina Harari, Grandmothers Today

Our congresses

164     Lilia Mahjoub, In a State of Transference – Wild, Political, Psychoanalytic

174     Anna Aromí and Xavier Esqué, The Ordinary Psychoses and the Others, Under Transference


182     Serge Cottet, The Learning Years of Psychoanalysis

186     Christiane Alberti, Judith, The Cause Incarnate

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